finally update my blog…


my gang of brothers came to my house and gave me a birthday suprise!!!

this is the first time i celebrate my birthday wit u all…haha..

thank you very much!!


went to midvalley and sunway pyramid with woan shin!!!

and i get an unexpected present…

a lovely white bag…

hehe…reli like tat very much…

thank you..^^

p/s: sorry…i just dunno how to describe my feelings…just i noe tat i hav a great birthday!!


One Response to “23/12”

  1. y no tell that u celebrated 5 times birthday in this year?
    one time with utar’s friends, one time with ur cousin, one time with ur gang of brothers, one time with family n one time with me……
    i used more time to make the card leh…but y u appreciate the present more de? haha
    that day also my first time eat secret recipe…
    dunno is the secret recipe itself ad very sweet ar or coz u there make it so sweet…haha
    thank you so much…muacks
    hope u rmb this birthday forever o…then everyday also can feel very happy…hehe

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