1st day in tea shop

it was so nice…

i tasted the japan finest tea…

and any other premium tea that is rare…


just very happy to work there….


10 Responses to “1st day in tea shop”

  1. woan shin Says:

    hope u can happy like this until the end of December…
    jia you! ^^

  2. Share some tea knowledge with me!!!

  3. lol…
    u noe nth abt tea…
    call me sensei then i teach u….
    so chuan…

  4. hahaha tea is for classy fellas… not ngam your hamsap image la wei

  5. haha.i come liao.haha.
    gambateh o!
    sure u learn lot of thing over there.

  6. lol….
    i m now classy…
    haha… gentleman now…
    not like u…

  7. zheng feng here?
    i am glad that i manage to link to u.
    keep in touch.

  8. y say i vy geng??? haha. hw r u?

  9. remember the World War II?!
    How dare you drinking our enemy’s tea!

  10. hey, i saw u at the gardens in midvalley. hehe. still same looking. share some tea knowledge with me ya.

    kakakaz =)

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